Weekly Track Roundup #34



Aural Wes —> Astral Wes

the planets are moving

things are in retrograde

changes are upon us

time to open up and reflect, review, reorganize

The Radio Dept. - “Peace of Mind“

I don’t really know shit about astrology. All I know is I’m a goddamn Libra and I feel this song on a personal level. It’s romantic, but in a very detached and aloof kind of way. The song’s lyrics long for peace and harmony, for both the singer and his former boo. A desire for balance in a situation fraught with difficulty. So I represent the Libras in claiming this song for us.

-Alex Richwine

Frank Ocean - “Pink Matter”

In “Pink Matter” prized scorpio Frank Ocean explores quintessential scorpio themes like the nature of consciousness, the cosmos, isolation, life, death, sex, and pleasure. A truly metaphysical anthem, Pink Matter dives deep, reminding scorpios everywhere that they are not alone in their existential dread.

-Tamar Cox-Rubien

Songs: Ohia - “Hold on Magnolia”

my sign: pisces (pisces moon, cancer rising)

i’m a pisces, and i’m a mess. big surprise. sue me. i really had a huge phase in high school when i worshipped jason molina, and this song always fucked me up best. just for reference, i have seriously considered naming one of my kids magnolia because of this song, which is messed up. it’s as beautiful as it is sad, and it’s So Sad.

-Manny Unger (pisces sun, pisces moon, cancer rising)

Radiohead - “Weird Fishes / Arpeggi”

"According to some tropical astrologers, the current astrological age is the Age of Pisces, while others maintain that it is the Age of Aquarius" - Wikipedia

Doesn't that make us all Weird Fishes?

-Henry Vehslage

King Princess - “Pussy Is God”

"I think star signs mean nothing / But I know you feel right so I'm coming"

When you add your crush on Co - Star and find out you're not astrologically compatible, does that stop you from making a fool of yourself every time you see them in Usdan? Nope.

-Allison Hsu (taurus sun, gemini moon, aries rising)

Girlpool - “Plants and Worms”

yea i'm a taurus yea i'm grounded and stubborn and whateva

-Amy Geiger (taurus sun, aquarius moon, capricorn rising)

New Order - “True Faith”

"A sudden sense of liberty

I don't care 'cause I'm not there

And I don't care if I'm here tomorrow

Again and again I've taken too much"

The complexities of being a Gemini...

I've faced slander, mind games, and much more from my years of being a Gemini; this song represents the confusion and pain this experience has brought me.

-Meredith Olin

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - “Dragon Queen”

I was born in year of the dragon so I wear a dragon medallion at all times. I am the Dragon Queen.

-Alessandra Rizzo

Soccer Mommy - “Scorpio Rising”

I listened to this song a lot when I was driving this summer. As someone who just recently got into astrology, I only thought about my star sign in terms of Libra bingo memes, so I was I was pretty psyched to find out that Scorpio is my rising sign, too.

-Aurora McGuckin (libra sun, taurus moon, scorpio rising)

Solange - “Cranes in the Sky”

My track for being a Virgo is Cranes in the Sky by Solange. This is a gut instinct, I am a Virgo. When I am blissful, this song is how I feel inside.

-Sammy Osmond


I’m a Capricorn so I’m the GOAT.

-Nathan Baron Silvern

Marina and the Diamonds - “Primadonna”

Marina and the Diamonds is a formative artist for many adolescent Tumblr girls. Electra Heart details the rise and fall of youth, dripping in sex, pain, and crystalline artifice. Naturally, Primadonna is the perfect anthem for the Leo in your life. With lyrics like “I know I’ve got a big ego / I really don’t know why it’s such a big deal though,” this track is an ode to self-obsession and shameless vanity. As every Leo knows, others may love you (and they should), but not as much as you love yourself.

-Brooke Kushwaha (leo sun, gemini moon, sagittarius rising)

Weekly Track Roundup #33



who doesn’t love babies? we sure dooo! try to guess which of these babes are AW writers—it’s tougher than it looks.

Sir Mix-A-Lot - “Baby Got Back”

I knew all the words to “Baby Got Back” by the time I was five years old. By that logic, the lyrics to the well-loved, oft-screamed rap opus should be the single most formative experience of my early childhood development. I would not be the person I am today without lyrics like “begging for a piece of that bubble.” Nicki Minaj later sampled the piece in her hit single “Anaconda,” flipping its sexist narrative into an anthem for curvy women’s empowerment and coinciding with my own burgeoning adolescence. Wherever life takes me, “Baby Got Back” is always matching my stride. I would not be the person I am today without it. And I still know all of the lyrics so don’t even try me.

-Brooke Kushwaha

Black Moth Super Rainbow - “Baby’s In the Void”

This is the song that played in my head when I was in the womb, even though it didn't exist it yet.

-Meredith Olin

Tobi Lou - “Buff Baby”

it’s a baby that’s bufff

-Sammy Osmond

Ariel Pink - “Baby”

Ariel Pink: you’re so baby

Me: i’m baby

-Allison Hsu

P.S. don’t sleep on the original

LCD Soundsystem - “Oh Baby”

I think James Murphy and a 3-year-old Amy would get along just great. We're equally pouty.

-Amy Geiger

Michael Jackson - “Baby Be Mine”

My fav off Thriller and underrated in general. So fucking smooth. Those drums at the beginning are iconic.

-Nathan Silvern

Weezer - “Pig”

To be honest, I probably haven't listened to this song once since middle school. A pretty fine song off a pretty bad Weezer album (sometimes that’s just all we can get from Weezer) - albeit a little dismal in the framework of a "baby" song (it's actually about a pig who's coming to terms with being slaughtered).

-Adam Manson

Blood Orange - “Charcoal Baby”

“Charcoal Baby,” one of the standout songs from Blood Orange’s (aka Dev Hynes) new album Negro Swan, is beautiful, funky, and poignant. In the alternating guitar-led verses and synth-led choruses, Hynes uses the metaphor of the black swan to confront issues of race, fitting in, and loving oneself. The outro of the song ties together the different moving parts of the song, the harmonies, saxophone, guitar, into a cohesive and remarkable finish. Make sure to watch the music video for this song, as it’s both creatively impressive and visually stunning.

-Sam Kurlender

Gabriella Cohen - “Baby”

To me, this song is about being weighed down by lingering feelings. Sometimes having a crush is just tiring! In the best way possible, it sounds like being sad on a beautiful summer afternoon and feeling like the sun is shining to spite you. 

It also has a false ending which is so much fun because you think the song is over, but no, there's more!

honorable mention - it seems like a list of "Baby" songs would be incomplete without mentioning The Ronettes, the queens songs about a "Baby". With bops like "Be My Baby," "Baby I Love You," "You Baby," - I could go on and on. In the forthcoming rom-com of my life, Ronnie Spector's voice sings in my head during some big revelation about true love. That is all.

-Aurora McGuckin

Dr. Dog - “Bring My Baby back”

This song is the mullet you hide under your Palace beanie. 

-Sanidhya Sharma (Sani)

Forth Wanderers - “Be my baby”

a pretty sad (and pretty pretty) little song from some folks pretty much the same age as us. oof, such a nice slidey guitar sound. stay hydrated, babies.

-Ezra Kohn

Stevie Wonder feat. jacob collier - “Isn’t She lovely”

It’s so sweet to be let in on stevie’s lullaby and love song to his daughter Aisha. i wish stevie wonder was my dad ... 

-Maisie Hurwitz

i wish jacob collier was my dad - adam manson

Weekly Track Roundup #32



Every food can be categorized as a soup, salad, or sandwich.

Princess Nokia - “ABCs of New York”

“This is the melting pot, and the soup is never cold.” - Princess Nokia

-Meredith Olin

Television - “Carried Away”

Picture this: it is last week. It is raining, no, pouring. You are eating soup (tomato from Red and Black, what else?), wondering how you have the Sunday scares on a Tuesday. The Tuesday scares? This song comes on shuffle and it’s unclear if you feel better because of the soup or the song. Or maybe you don’t? In any case, you get carried away.

-Aurora McGuckin

Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky - “Potato Salad”

My little Jewish heart sang when I heard Tyler released a song called "Potato Salad." And then I listened and realized my favorite bagel side salad plays a pretty minor role. Even so, I think this song is capital-C Cool. The lyrics showcase the best of Tyler and Rocky, fast-paced and witty as ever. Many references to Wang$ap points to more collaboration in the near future, and I can't wait. Peep the music video below for some SICK word art.

Also Jaden Smith casually hopping into the backseat is a permanent mood.

-Amy Geiger

Bill Withers - “Sweet Wanomi”

This song is so freaking wholesome it’s a warm bowl of soup on a cold ass day.

-Lulu Largent

Bombay Bicycle Club - “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep”

A beautiful song from London-based band Bombay Bicycle Club, who were really making their best songs when this one came out in the early 2010s. The club might be disbanded by now though, who knows. Most of their songs, but this one especially, have such an ethereal and floaty but also poppy/dancey sound, catchy yet confusing. From the verb "swallow," I'm assuming that sleep here is being considered a soup; sandwiches and salads are just a little too crunchy, and dreams always seem made of some soft soupy substance.

-Ezra Kohn

Cherry Glazerr - “Grilled Cheese”

From being the Most Reliable Option at Usdan lunch to a much anticipated drunken snack on a weekend night, grilled cheese is a staple on Wesleyan's campus. Clem Creevy of Cherry Glazerr shares this fondness for cheese and carbs in the song "Grilled Cheese", off of their second album Haxel Princess: "Try and steal a bite / We'll get in a fight".

-Allison Hsu

Weekly Track Roundup #31

Back 2 School !!


we are all very excited to begin our academics again. It has been too long without homework and exams. aural wes is officially pro-homework

Modest Mouse - “Bankrupt on Selling”

"Well, I'll go to college and I'll learn some big words."

-Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse)

-Allison Hsu (Aural Wes)

Talking Heads - “Artists Only”

The Talking Head’s incessant self-consciousness, especially seen in Artists Only, is a good song for starting at a liberal arts school. The pressure to prove yourself as unique and interesting seems almost unbearable in college orientation. But Byrne's adamant declaration "I don't have to prove...that I am creative!" is a truly comforting one. The hypnotic and disconcerting melody in the intro of the song accurately paints a picture of the discomforts of starting college, not knowing anybody, and attempting to create a new image. 

-Meredith Olin

Mom Jeans - “jon bong jovi”

I feel like this song has no relation to going back to school, but it does talk about independence and learning to rely less on others and trust yourself more, while still understanding your roots and knowing how to ask for help from those you're close to! Also Mom Jeans has never put out a bad song, and their newest album is a 10/10 must listen!!

-Gabby Guzdek

Zoot Sims - “So Long”

I’m seriously vibing with some late afternoon jazz on my balcony, for as long Mother Nature makes it possible. I think the Zoot Sims quartet was in that same headspace when they recorded “So Long” in 1983, with its bright piano and laid-back sax solos. Cool stuff. I’m into it.

-Amy Geiger


during my ride back to school, I decided to give a listen to the much-hyped and personally anticipated sophomore album from The Lemon Twigs, Go to School. didn't love it tho. STUCK ON U by Michelle, on the other hand, was the perfect smooth jam for that tricky seasonal transition. mmm

-Adam Manson

NF - “Why”

“Nothing to me's ever good enough, I could be working for twenty-four hours a day and think I never did enough.”

I think this song captures my feeling of not trusting the people I'm around, including myself, and just having so much going on in my mind.   

Pretending I can do it all on my own.

-Pablo Puente

Belle and Sebastian - “Wrapped Up in Books”

For high-school me, Belle & Sebastian’s brand of twee pop was a portrayal of what I could expect from college life (this was mostly incorrect). I fell in love with If You’re Feeling SinisterTigermilk, and virtually all of B&S’s output circa 2000 because you hear a bourgeois restlessness in these songs. The characters have to go school and experience a gnawing sense of alienation as they are forbidden from fulfilling their true aspirations and deepest desires. There’s a universality to these silly romantic quarrels and stifled prurience too. “Wrapped Up in Books” is a track—relatively in-your-face for B&S—that drives forward as Murdoch portrays a tale of frustrated desire. This potential relationship isn’t going anywhere because the characters are, as the title says, wrapped up in books and unable to carry on a real romance. Though the scenario is melancholy for sure, B&S manage to infuse it with some of their signature optimism and that’s certainly something college life could use more of.

-Alex Richwine