Weekly Track Roundup #32



Every food can be categorized as a soup, salad, or sandwich.

Princess Nokia - “ABCs of New York”

“This is the melting pot, and the soup is never cold.” - Princess Nokia

-Meredith Olin

Television - “Carried Away”

Picture this: it is last week. It is raining, no, pouring. You are eating soup (tomato from Red and Black, what else?), wondering how you have the Sunday scares on a Tuesday. The Tuesday scares? This song comes on shuffle and it’s unclear if you feel better because of the soup or the song. Or maybe you don’t? In any case, you get carried away.

-Aurora McGuckin

Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky - “Potato Salad”

My little Jewish heart sang when I heard Tyler released a song called "Potato Salad." And then I listened and realized my favorite bagel side salad plays a pretty minor role. Even so, I think this song is capital-C Cool. The lyrics showcase the best of Tyler and Rocky, fast-paced and witty as ever. Many references to Wang$ap points to more collaboration in the near future, and I can't wait. Peep the music video below for some SICK word art.

Also Jaden Smith casually hopping into the backseat is a permanent mood.

-Amy Geiger

Bill Withers - “Sweet Wanomi”

This song is so freaking wholesome it’s a warm bowl of soup on a cold ass day.

-Lulu Largent

Bombay Bicycle Club - “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep”

A beautiful song from London-based band Bombay Bicycle Club, who were really making their best songs when this one came out in the early 2010s. The club might be disbanded by now though, who knows. Most of their songs, but this one especially, have such an ethereal and floaty but also poppy/dancey sound, catchy yet confusing. From the verb "swallow," I'm assuming that sleep here is being considered a soup; sandwiches and salads are just a little too crunchy, and dreams always seem made of some soft soupy substance.

-Ezra Kohn

Cherry Glazerr - “Grilled Cheese”

From being the Most Reliable Option at Usdan lunch to a much anticipated drunken snack on a weekend night, grilled cheese is a staple on Wesleyan's campus. Clem Creevy of Cherry Glazerr shares this fondness for cheese and carbs in the song "Grilled Cheese", off of their second album Haxel Princess: "Try and steal a bite / We'll get in a fight".

-Allison Hsu