Weekly Track Roundup #34



Aural Wes —> Astral Wes

the planets are moving

things are in retrograde

changes are upon us

time to open up and reflect, review, reorganize

The Radio Dept. - “Peace of Mind“

I don’t really know shit about astrology. All I know is I’m a goddamn Libra and I feel this song on a personal level. It’s romantic, but in a very detached and aloof kind of way. The song’s lyrics long for peace and harmony, for both the singer and his former boo. A desire for balance in a situation fraught with difficulty. So I represent the Libras in claiming this song for us.

-Alex Richwine

Frank Ocean - “Pink Matter”

In “Pink Matter” prized scorpio Frank Ocean explores quintessential scorpio themes like the nature of consciousness, the cosmos, isolation, life, death, sex, and pleasure. A truly metaphysical anthem, Pink Matter dives deep, reminding scorpios everywhere that they are not alone in their existential dread.

-Tamar Cox-Rubien

Songs: Ohia - “Hold on Magnolia”

my sign: pisces (pisces moon, cancer rising)

i’m a pisces, and i’m a mess. big surprise. sue me. i really had a huge phase in high school when i worshipped jason molina, and this song always fucked me up best. just for reference, i have seriously considered naming one of my kids magnolia because of this song, which is messed up. it’s as beautiful as it is sad, and it’s So Sad.

-Manny Unger (pisces sun, pisces moon, cancer rising)

Radiohead - “Weird Fishes / Arpeggi”

"According to some tropical astrologers, the current astrological age is the Age of Pisces, while others maintain that it is the Age of Aquarius" - Wikipedia

Doesn't that make us all Weird Fishes?

-Henry Vehslage

King Princess - “Pussy Is God”

"I think star signs mean nothing / But I know you feel right so I'm coming"

When you add your crush on Co - Star and find out you're not astrologically compatible, does that stop you from making a fool of yourself every time you see them in Usdan? Nope.

-Allison Hsu (taurus sun, gemini moon, aries rising)

Girlpool - “Plants and Worms”

yea i'm a taurus yea i'm grounded and stubborn and whateva

-Amy Geiger (taurus sun, aquarius moon, capricorn rising)

New Order - “True Faith”

"A sudden sense of liberty

I don't care 'cause I'm not there

And I don't care if I'm here tomorrow

Again and again I've taken too much"

The complexities of being a Gemini...

I've faced slander, mind games, and much more from my years of being a Gemini; this song represents the confusion and pain this experience has brought me.

-Meredith Olin

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - “Dragon Queen”

I was born in year of the dragon so I wear a dragon medallion at all times. I am the Dragon Queen.

-Alessandra Rizzo

Soccer Mommy - “Scorpio Rising”

I listened to this song a lot when I was driving this summer. As someone who just recently got into astrology, I only thought about my star sign in terms of Libra bingo memes, so I was I was pretty psyched to find out that Scorpio is my rising sign, too.

-Aurora McGuckin (libra sun, taurus moon, scorpio rising)

Solange - “Cranes in the Sky”

My track for being a Virgo is Cranes in the Sky by Solange. This is a gut instinct, I am a Virgo. When I am blissful, this song is how I feel inside.

-Sammy Osmond


I’m a Capricorn so I’m the GOAT.

-Nathan Baron Silvern

Marina and the Diamonds - “Primadonna”

Marina and the Diamonds is a formative artist for many adolescent Tumblr girls. Electra Heart details the rise and fall of youth, dripping in sex, pain, and crystalline artifice. Naturally, Primadonna is the perfect anthem for the Leo in your life. With lyrics like “I know I’ve got a big ego / I really don’t know why it’s such a big deal though,” this track is an ode to self-obsession and shameless vanity. As every Leo knows, others may love you (and they should), but not as much as you love yourself.

-Brooke Kushwaha (leo sun, gemini moon, sagittarius rising)