Face it, as much as you’ve tried, sometimes it’s hard to consume everything that the internet opinion machine shits out into the “good” pile. What if you missed another single that revives the sounds of r&b radio hits from the early 2000’s because you were busy listening to the other 3000 that came out this year? What about all those weird ambient/screamo/vaporwave records that nobody could possibly listen to more than twice but nonetheless are placed among the best of the year? Why is your favorite white-guys-with-guitars/glasses band listing Soulja Boy among their biggest influences? Why, if feminism in music is in the midst of a renaissance, is Pitchfork telling you R Kelly is cool again? And right next to that blurb on the Julia Holter record? Are you still unsure if you’re technically allowed to listen to overproduced club music that’s been arbitrarily designated as something with artistic merit seemingly out of nowhere? What if you read the wrong blog, and now your friends think you’re an idiot because you don’t understand the post-internet genius of Yeezus? 

Don’t worry, the end of the year “best records” list is here, and everything you’re supposed to like/feel/believe/identify-with-based-on-your-niche-market-demographic is in one convenient place. Click through the slideshow below for our selections...

Don't agree? We missed something? WHERE IS DRAKE?