Currently based out of a basement in Bushwick, Brooklyn, wedged between 99-cent wholesale vendors, BU&G consists of Keenan Mitchell (guitar, vocals), Fareed Sajan (drums) and saxophone accompaniment by either Lucas or his twin Andrew Carrico (alto and tenor respectively). The two-and-a-half piece neo primitive garage rock band is known across NYC for their frantic freak outs, described by various press sources as ‘neanderthalic’ and ‘barbaric’, often wondering through the crowd and breaking various kinds of alcohol containers. There is no doubt that BU&G has a slight obsession with death and bones, taxidermy and bootleg whiskey. Keenan writes lyrics that mix the language of the bible with the spirit of ancient blues hollers, western iconography, murder ballads, drunken dreams, morning tremors, hospital visits, jail time—rhythms that are indisputably alive as they call for their own death. They are narratives that mix their own lives with the myths of their blues forefathers, and that emerge as neither, a new blues form that is as much a Leadbelly song as a noise collage. Saxophone lays tortured melodies on top of guitar played with a microphone stand, the drums beat their primal march, and blood drips on the stage from Fareed’s hand and Keenan’s knees, before easing into a gentle chorus where keenan sings, relieved and raw throated, “all my trials, lord, will soon be over.” (from