Caural is Zachary Mastoon, a multi-instrumentalist and producer originally from Chicago. Musically “born” in the basement at age 6 with his best friend and neighbor Stuart Bogie (currently a saxophonist for the Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra), he’s written and performed music throughout his life in both Transmission (now based in San Francisco), and the group who became the backing band for fellow Chocolate Industries’ emcee Diverse. After studying jazz guitar and improvisation with Anthony Braxton at Wesleyan University, Indonesian Gamelan and Southeast Asian music aboard the Semester At Sea program and experimental electronic music at NYU, Caural briefly returned to Chicago in 2000. His debut CD, “Initial Experiments In 3-D” was released on NY’s boutique label Toshoklabs (now available on iTunes), and was followed by two EPs and a critically-acclaimed full-length for Chocolate Industries, “Stars On My Ceiling.”

Once back in NY, Caural finished remixes for artists on Plug Research, Sound In Color, Buttermilk, Delic (Japan), Consumers Research & Development, Level Plane, Audraglint, Subtractive, Organik Rekordings, Lens Records and Chocolate Industries. He has been lucky to DJ or perform live with such contemporaries as James Lavelle, Prefuse 73, King Britt, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, Dntel, Edition Terranova, Daedelus & John Tejada. (From