SALD Office

These are the people you need to speak with before and immediately after you start planning your show. They will be the ones ordering your staging, arranging event staff, and most importantly, signing your contracts. These are also the people you need to speak to in order to request host training, which you must complete before you can register a show/event in your own name.

Elisa Cardona (SALD Assistant Director):, 860.685.2143

WSA Office

This is where your contracts must be submitted in order to have the payments processed from the student group’s account to the artist/talent for your event. It is very important that you stay on the best terms possible with everyone in this office in order to make this process move as smoothly as possible. Plus, you shouldn’t be a dick anyway.

Hours: 9am-6pm M-F Usdan University Center, Room 104 45 Wyllys Avenue Middletown, CT 06459 Phone: (860) 685-2410 Fax: (860)685-2411

Lisa Hendrix (Office Coordinator):

Concert Committee

These are the email addresses of the most current Concert Committee. They are subject to change on a semester-by-semester basis.

Gabe Sunshine ('17)

Lucas Hegewisch ('18)

Jason Mitchner ('18)

Viviane Eng ('18)

Cayla Blachman ('19)