Started in 2011 by Alex Donesky and Hana Elion, Fossils is a folk-rock foursome that began as freshman year jam sessions between Donesky and Elion, and escalated into writing and performing after the two discovered their musical chemistry and potential.  Taylor Leet-Otley and Daniel Pope then joined the duo, and the rest was history.  Fossils loves to experiment with genre, getting inspiration from alternative rock, bluegrass, and R&B, but their songs are grounded by a folk-rock mentality.  The band’s original projects range from ambitious, pensive material to all-out funk jams, held together by Pope’s tight percussion, Leet-Otley’s colorful bass licks, Donesky’s innovative lead guitar, and Elion’s dream-like vocals.  They have performed at Westco Café, Music Mondays at Red and Black, and commonly practice loud enough for all of Butt A to enjoy.  Look out for Fossils performances this semester at Westco Café, Earth House, and other music showcases.

Alex Donesky ('15) on guitar and vocals, Taylor Leet Otley ('15) on bass, percussion, and vocals, Daniel Pope ('16) on percussion, Hana Elion ('15) on rhythm guitar, vocals, and harmonica