Grand Cousin began in the fall of 2010.  Henry "Momentary Lapse of Reason" Hall brought some songs to Robby "The Time" Caplan and Evan "Sell it, Sell it NOW!" Low and said, "you guys want to play these…together?"  Robby and Evan agreed.  They all shook hands, said a prayer ("yolo") and went on to play music.  Since then, they've recorded a self-titled EP which you can hear on Souncloud and are always playing new, fresh, fancy songs.  Fresh and fancy.  They hope to be sincere and hope you leave the show saying, "that was the fun and i have that one song stuck in my FUCKin brain, brah."  Lots of new songs coming this semester and lots of new shows.  Come see them.

Henry Hall ('14), Robert Caplan ('14), and Evan Low ('14)