Rod O’Connor and Max Horwich have been making music together since the fall of 2004, when they formed Dirty Art Project with multi-instrumentalist/composers Adam Tinkle and Woody Leslie. Birthed from a series of free-improv jam sessions in the courtyard of the freshman dorm that the four musicians shared, DAP embraced improvisation, eclecticism, and trippy sounds. The instrument that held the whole mess together was Rod’s computer, the same machine that now drives I Don’t Care If It Snows.

With IDCIIS (pronounced “id kiss,” or “I’d cease,” or however), Rod and Max have taken the spirit and sound of Dirty Art Project’s psychedelic experimentations and focused it into a collection of composed recordings, or “songs.” Max sings and plays. Rod records. Rod and Max push buttons and twist knobs until it sounds cool.

The project was originally intended to be called Red Panda, however upon further research, Max and Rod discovered that Red Panda was allready a band, who made pop punk for 14 year olds. So that idea was quickly abandoned...

Rod O’Connor lives in Philadelphia. Max Horwich lives in Chicago. They collaborate via e-mails and during the holidays, because both the Horwich and O’Connor families live in Connecticut.