Metacomet is an ambient-psychedelic trio with Christina Boyd contributing vocals and Max Gardner and Ian Staub serenely dueling on their guitars. Since its evolution out of the primordial ooze of bedroom jams, Metacomet has established itself asan ongoing experiment in melding catchy hooks that embody the mute grandeur of “big skies” Americana with the meditative drone and melodic experimentation of psychedelic/experimental music traditions, especially German Kosmische Musik. The result is a sound that’s warmingly familiar, but maddeningly difficult to name or define. In their previous releases, Depression Ceremony on Cleveland’s Pizza Night tapes and the self-released guitar improv album Strange Riders, Metacomet has established themselves as specialists in exploring this hypnotic idiom. The digital release of the single “Ruby” off their forthcoming LP to be released by Life On an Island Records provides an exciting preview of a band further honing its craft, drawing out the excessive, otherworldly underbelly of rolling space, careful simplicity, and jarring experiences of the familiar. This will shake your fucking boat in the best way.