Sewing Machines is the primary musical project of Max Horwich, a Brooklyn-via-Chicago-via-Connecticut-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer who is often joined by a rotating lineup of other musicians. Blending traditional American folk with psychedelic rock and pop, his songs are often characterized by simple melodies, thoughtful, anti-sentimentalist lyrics, and dreamy, eclectic production. Sundays, Sewing Machines’ full-length debut, was recorded over the course of eight months in 2008 when Horwich was a student at Wesleyan University. It was released on Future Folk Records, a label co-founded by Horwich and Rod O’Connor, in September of that year. Bodies of Water followed in October 2009.

The latest EP, February, was recorded in Chicago and Brooklyn between Februarys of 2010 and 2011. It features three new songs and three re-workings of songs from Sundays. All banjo and violin samples are taken from improvisations by avant-garde folk multi-instrumentalist Sam Moss, the only person other than Horwich to play on every official Sewing Machines release to date.  (