Snowblink is Daniela Gesundheit and a rotating roster of accompanying musicians. Daniela was conceived in Las Vegas in July 1981. Snowblink was conceived in Los Angeles, twenty-three years later. This is what the musical belly brought: songs featuring a rotating roster of four-to-seven boy back-up singers, fiddle, harp, banjo, pedal steel, and party trumpets. While Snowblink is currently based in San Francisco, the project has members all across the US and Canada. They have released two records independently since 2004: Interim at Afton Villa and My Oh My Avalanche. Both of the albums are hand-made and produced in limited quantities. The latter features the boy back-up singers, harp, pedal steel, and fiddle, and was recorded in Los Angeles, Berkeley, San Francisco, Toronto, and Connecticut in the spring of 2006. (From