Yoeman's Omen

Comprised of four sophomores, all coincidentally Pennsylvanian, Yeoman's Omen is driven compositionally by Gabriel and Noah, with the band's sound filled out by the rhythm section, which drops hot beats on the regs. Gabe and Noah approached Julian and Nate in late 2010 with the intention of forming a band, a vehicle for their unique songwriting ideas. The recruits were blown away, and the maturation of a unique style followed. The Yeomen play a cocktail of indie, funk, power pop, jazz, lo-fi and world music. To make a long story short, the band's prolific creativity, aided by a summer of composition, resulted in a slew of original songs, several guest artists and a small but devoted (and growing) fan base.

Gabe Greenberg - vocals, keyboards, guitar Noah Rush - vocals, guitar, trumpet Julian Gal - bass, backing vocals Nathan Repasz - drums, mandolin, backing vocals